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  • Alicia Keys shines in De Beers Diamond Jewellery

    Alicia Keys shines in De Beers Diamond Jewellery

    On 11 June, Alicia Keys wore two beautiful pieces from the De Beers Jewellery Collection for her concert ‘Alicia Keys and her piano’.

    Alicia wore the platinum Lea Necklace, with 110 diamonds weighing a total of 14.34 carats, and [micropave diamond

  • The Art of Looking at Diamonds

    The Art of Looking at Diamonds

    As an art critic, I spend most of my time looking at art, not diamonds. Except for the very few art stars who can afford to make their work from diamonds – think of Damien Hirst’s extraordinary diamond encrusted skull, For the Love of God, or Andy Warhol’s diamond-dust portraits – artists don’t tend

  • A Diamond is Forever

    A Diamond is Forever

    The diamond occupies a truly unique place in history. A dazzling fragment of eternity, it has shed its divine light through thousands of years, captivating mankind with its otherworldly beauty. De Beers pioneered the iconic positioning of diamonds in our contemporary culture, as a symbol of everlasting

  • Clare Coulson looks at the Modern Talismans

    Clare Coulson looks at the Modern Talismans

    Throughout history, men and women have worn adornments that were thought to bring them everything from good health to great fortune and success. Such talismanic objects symbolized the beliefs of the wearer and were even thought to possess magical powers. More than any other gemstone, the diamond has

  • Rules of Engagement

    Rules of Engagement

    Jewellery has always provided us with a potent illustration of the times, a symbol of the society and the culture from which it was created, but few pieces are as telling as the engagement ring: a symbolic circle that represents eternity, loyalty, commitment and love.

    But just as relationships are