About Moments in Light

About Moments in Light

'Moments in Light' is a global celebration of women in the arts. Commencing in China in 2013, Moments in Light launched with an exhibition in Shanghai from 19th to 23rd June, curated by Liu Chunfeng.

The worldwide celebration highlights the talent and unique spirit of female artists around the world and reflects the shining moments in their work and lives.

We invited four esteemed Chinese artists - Cui Xiuwen, Liang Yuanwei, Han Yajuan and Peng Wei - to our opening exhibition in Shanghai to express their own 'Moment in Light' through an artwork of their personal medium. These brilliant creations were displayed throughout the exhibition period at Sinan Mansion, Shanghai.

Also showing a unique work created in honour of her Moment in Light was Xiang Jing, a renowned sculptor and photographer who skilfully captured each of the four artists in a series of portraits to bring to life the personality of each of the gifted women.

In November 2013, Moments in Light continued further with the official release of a short film, directed by and starring distinguished actress Zhang Jingchu; created for De Beers to illuminate her own Moment in Light. Explaining the inspiration behind her film Zhang JingChu said: “The film illuminates a dream-like world where joy bursts from the bottom of our hearts, delivering the most brilliant moments in life. Emotive words and promises make moments such as these as eternally beautiful as diamonds.”

Watch the Moments in Light film preview here.

Also revealed at the June Shanghai exhibition as one of our celebrated women was Cao Shuci, an award-winning ballerina from the National Ballet of China, who performed a splendid, delicate ballet composed purely for the opening of the exhibition. Cao Shuci captivated guests with an artistic world of fantasy and awakening the memory of the most cherished moments in the lives of every woman.

We look forward to revealing more Moments in Light with you as the celebration continues.