Making of Swan Lake

Inspired by the fluttering harmony and balance of Odette and Odile, the craftsmen of Swan Lake understand diamonds just as a prima ballerina knows her corps de ballet. The innate beauty of the dancer is brought to life through the fastidious design and skill of the De Beers designers and craftsmen. The Swan Lake Collection, with its alluring flow of gentle colour, plays with captivating harmonies of tone and translucency.

The Art of Diamond Jewellery comes to life showcasing expert and elegant designs through the use of precious diamonds and the meticulous craftsmanship of the finest artisans.

The Swan Lake collection is an exceptional collection in celebration of the elegant and graceful movements of the prima ballerina. Using an extraordinary array of fancy cuts in a mesmerising combination of white and fancy coloured diamonds, the design focuses on the use of feminine shapes such as pear, oval marquise and the use of pastel hues.

Only the most extraordinary of white and fancy coloured diamonds are selected by our diamond experts who draw on 125 years of De Beers’ heritage. This is further testament to De Beers’ art of diamond selection and craftsmanship. With our exacting standards for beauty, very few diamonds meet the De beers’ criteria of intensity, vibrancy and consistency. The diamonds are individually chosen to perfectly complement the drawn design.

All of the diamonds selected for the Swan Lake Collection are of superlative quality. Once chosen, they are laid in wax according to the design. Special attention being paid to the careful positioning of each diamond to create rhythm of sublime symmetry to the design.

Meticulously following the designs and the placement of each diamond, the craftsmen delicately cut the settings. Each setting is individually handmade by the craftsmen to perfectly fit the fancy shapes of the diamonds and underlies the unique quality of the pink, yellow and orange rhythm of the classic yet light design. Its innovative, sleek semi-bezel setting accentuates the shape of each fancy-cut as well as modernizing the look by removing the prongs.

Craftsmen thoroughly polish each individual setting to ensure that each diamond sparkles with superlative brilliance and is ready to be pinned together. All bezels are assembled together using a thin, knife-edge gold wire. This wire holds all the bezels together, giving maximum strength whilst allowing for flexibility between the settings. After all the bezels are fitted and soldered together ensuring that the settings can move easily.

Each diamond is put in place by the setter. The 2-claw metal setting gently surrounds the diamond to secure it in place. All diamonds are set meticulously in the same manner requiring great skill and accuracy.

The necklace is highly polished and positioned delicately on the bust in order to adjust the clasp. A fine wire is used, on which the diamonds are threaded ontoThe versatile Swan Lake Necklace is made with huge attention to detail and offers a detachable drop transforming an understated elegant look into evening sophistication.

In the final stages, the master goldsmith individually hand-finishes each link of the bracelet to ensure exceptional appearance as well as flexibility for ultimate elegance. Select pieces are plated in rhodium gold for added texture and a modern disposition.