Making of the Talisman Wonder

With over six hundred diamonds both rough and polished, the Talisman Wonder is an unprecedented artwork that only the world’s finest craftsmen could realise.

The Talisman Wonder is a unique work of art, a modern-day treasure and a testament to the De Beers Difference. Inspired by the timeless mystique of Mother Nature, the innate beauty of each diamond is brought to life through the meticulous work of De Beers designers and craftsmen. Our diamond experts spent ten years collecting the rare and beautiful gems used in the Talisman Wonder. Only one in a thousand of nature’s finest rough diamonds possessed sufficient character to be selected.

The natural texture, vibrancy of colour and character of each diamond have been carefully combined with an artist’s eye to create the inimitable Talisman Wonder. With over two thousand hours of creation time, handmade from beginning to end by the most experienced high jewellery craftsman, the Talisman Wonder is the ultimate expression of the Art of Diamond Jewellery.

The Talisman Wonder is a unique work created in celebration of the infinite expressive potential of diamonds. Using an extraordinary collection of entirely natural rough diamonds, meticulously collected over a ten-year period, this mesmerizing design was carefully conceived to enhance the asymmetry of the diamonds as well as the symmetry of the circular medal of white gold.

The white gold selected for the Talisman Wonder is of the highest quality. After being carefully cut into its unique form, it was then hand-sculpted into its smooth, elegant gradient using traditional techniques. The hand-mottled method used gives it an extra layer of texture to eventually blend beautifully with the lustre of the rough diamonds.

Meticulously overseeing the design and the placement of each diamond, the craftsman then delicately cut the settings. Following the art of Mother Nature, each setting was made to fit the unique contours of each of the 691 gems, then polished using delicate threads coated in pumice paste. The setting surfaces are smoothed to a gleaming finish to maximise the sparkle of each diamond. Complex internal reflections of the diamonds against white gold are the result of this meticulous and detailed step in the making of the Wonder.

Each diamond was then individually set into its white gold frame, embraced on each side so that light would be channelled from above and below through the perfect core of each diamond. Every stage in the creation of the Talisman Wonder was inspired by nature; the final goal was to enhance the natural brilliance of every diamond. The setter had the challenging task of securing the precious diamonds while at the same time allowing them to breath with minimal gold around them.

Once each diamond was in place, every area of white gold was gently chiselled with the De Beers unique serti poincon. This signature setting, conceived especially for the Talisman Collection, glistens in the light, awakening the inner fire and brilliance of the diamonds it protects. Once the creation was complete, the oeuvre d’art was polished for the last time, bringing this unprecedented combination of rose cut, round brilliant and rough diamonds of all hues to timeless life.

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