Making of the Promise Ring

The Promise Ring is a magnificent contemporary design honouring the timeless traditions of two individuals bound by love. The striking purity of the lines and the entwined bands of platinum and diamonds symbolise the promise of eternity and the essence of love.

It is the art of design that allows the unique form of The Promise Ring. The two bands of plain platinum and pave that make up the Promise Ring are each handcrafted as individual pieces before being united together as one.

Every element of the ring is polished to perfection. The plain platinum band is hand polished to ensure the highest finish while balancing this method with a skilled form of flat polishing to ensure clear contemporary lines. The utmost care is taken to maintain pure lines, a signature design element of the Promise Ring are the contemporary edges versus the more traditional rounded edges.

The entwining pave band is a further display of the meticulous attention to detail, each prong individually crafted and fitted into the ring. Once in place each setting is hand polished so that every surface has a superior finish and works to bounce the light through the diamond.

The two bands are then joined together by highly experienced artisans who solder one to the other with the binding powers of platinum forever. This deeply symbolic process conveys the sentiment of marriage and the promise of eternity. The De Beers selected micropave diamonds for the Promise Ring are all chosen for clarity and size; measured to within 0.01mm. Incredibly every piece of micropave is a full cut diamond with 57 facets.

Delicately placed in the setting each micropave diamond appears to float and radiate brilliance, sparkling with a freedom that is released from the subtle setting. Without exception De Beers designs are conceived to lift the diamond up to the light, so allowing superlative sparkle, and it is never more evident than in the unique glistening of a Promise Ring.

The final stage in this masterpiece is the setting of the centre diamond. The beautiful round brilliant diamond, individually selected for the qualities of Fire, Life and Brilliance are painstakingly placed with precision. Resulting in a spectacular contemporary ring to last a lifetime, enriched with great depths of meaning and conceived through awe inspiring skill and attention to detail.

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