De Beers Diamond Jewellery Design

From the moment it opened its doors in 2001, De Beers Diamond Jewellers embarked on a mission to fuse the essential timelessness of the diamond with dynamic contemporary design, flavouring it with iconoclastic verve and a dash of modern romance. De Beers push boundaries of design, creativity, artistry and craftsmanship, to keep the diamond industry dynamic and engaging, enduring, yet relevant to its moment in time.

The diamond itself, hand-chosen for its unique De Beers Fire, Life and Brilliance, provides the starting point for each DBDJ design. Each and every diamond is unique, and inspiration from this must be woven into the fabric of a design. From here, the focus moves to supreme harmony of line and form, enhancing the radiance of the diamonds, distilling an idea, vision or theme through lightness, femininity and fluidity. Nature’s pronounced and delicate hues and tints have been an enduring influence at De Beers, as seen in flowers of Wildflowers, one of De Beers’ earliest collections, or water, interpreted as cascades of liquid light, as in the dramatic Princess Lea necklace. Other themes tap into the ancient legends, like the iconic Talisman Collection, taking the diamond back to its natural crystalline state and to its earliest role as magical amulet, while exquisite details and references to iconic figures and fashions inject modernity into each collection.

Employing innovation, ingenuity and design excellence, De Beers designs are cutting-edge, yet classic, dynamic and timeless, redolent of the most evocative entities of the natural world and the nostalgia of the greatest stories known to man.