Inspired by Colour

Inspired by Colour

The world of diamonds is presided over by four criteria – the ‘4 Cs’ of cut, clarity, carat weight and colour – which makes colour a factor to be considered by any diamond jeweller. But a De Beers Diamond Jeweller will start his or her examination of a diamond by assessing it for colour against a De Beers Ideal Master Diamond, guaranteeing that each diamond used in a piece of our jewellery reflects extraordinary levels of colour.

Yellow Micropavé Aura Ring with Fancy Yellow Solitaire Yellow Micropavé Aura Ring with Fancy Yellow Solitaire

Artistic and expertly trained, our diamond experts have raised the bar by insisting on the beautiful presence of Fire, Life and Brilliance in every diamond. When looking at colour, it is the Fire that refers to the dispersion of light into the rainbow colours of the spectrum. The achievement of a diamond that flickers with an incandescent spectrum of colours is largely due to the art of our jewellers: to his or her discerning eye, and to his or her craft, for a well-cut diamond will sacrifice no dispersion of light, slicing white light into shards of rainbow glints, so that the colours of the spectrum, in perpetual motion, shimmer with each suggestion of movement.

Fancy Pink Micropavé Earrings with White Pear Solitaires Fancy Pink Micropavé Earrings with White Pear Solitaires

Yet if a diamond, with its internal prism, is an astonishing quirk of Mother Nature, then the coloured diamond, unrivalled in the world of gemstones, is a further example of her unfathomable whimsy and brilliance. Assessing a coloured diamond demands an exceptional level of sensibility, understanding and experience. Assessment is based on the coming together of the intensity and subtlety of hue, tone and saturation with the Fire, Life and Brilliance of the king of gemstones – and the exquisite, refined and provocatively mysterious colours that result from that interaction.

In no collection is the intensity and subtlety of coloured diamonds more evident than in the Swan Lake Collection where, like Impressionist painters equipped with light, the Jewellers of Light know how best to place cherry blossom, candy pinks, baby blues, gooseberry and olive greens, liquid golden and canary yellows, cognac browns and sparkling champagnes, each with a unique spectrum of tones and nuances, bringing them together to form a hypnotic harmony.

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