Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature

Widely regarded as nature’s greatest masterpiece, diamonds illustrate at once the perfection and the chaos found in the natural world.

At De Beers we find beauty not in diamonds alone, but in all elements of the natural world, and this can be seen in the enduring influence of nature in our designs since Wildflowers, one of the iconic collections to launch the brand in 2002.

The Wildflowers Collection demonstrates how we at De Beers, by always working against the grain of entrenched conventions and diamond clichés, take an unexpected, unsentimental view of nature. Inspired by humble wildflowers found only in the prairies, these light and lively designs with lush asymmetric abandon and delicate dancing movement have evolved and grown to become our iconic De Beers interpretations of floral themes.

The Enchanted Lotus Collection links the diamond to the lotus flower. Both are ancient, universal symbols of purity, serenity and eternity. Both grow out of darkness, the diamond in the earth’s core, the pristine white lotus from the earth, moving towards the light to reveal beauty and perfection. The lotus, revered in Eastern cultures, is associated with the soul, rebirth and enlightenment. In the Enchanted Lotus, the stylised outline of the flower is traced in impeccably crafted fine trails of micropavé-set diamonds that twist into a heart that frames the lotus. The design, intricate and lace-like, is given a contemporary feel through its interplay of volume and lightness; with lines of light moving in space, the diamonds float on the skin, shimmering in ribbons of fine white gold.

Enchanted Lotus Ring Enchanted Lotus Ring

The Reverie Bands Collection puts the diamond in a new sphere. Stepping away from of the old-school evening glamour most frequently associated with diamond jewellery, the Reverie Collection uses the clarity, brightness, sharpness and saturation of light found in De Beers diamonds to recall the fresh delicacy of a spring or summer day. Inspired by the simple beauty of a crisp morning, the bands of the Reverie Collection suggest the feeling of delight at the first sight of a spring blossom, the pleasure that comes with seeing the first butterfly of the year, or the sensation of stepping barefoot onto dewy grass.

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