Inspired by Romance

Inspired by Romance

“Since the dawn of time, diamonds have been a potent symbol of love, luck and romance.”

Since the dawn of time, diamonds have been a potent symbol of love, luck and romance. The most beautiful of Mother Nature’s creations, diamonds have long been esteemed alongside the most beautiful creations of mankind: art, music and literature. As art and music are manifestations of love throughout cultures the world over, so diamonds are used to commemorate the peak of great romances. In creating designs befitting the celebration of love between two people, De Beers Diamond Jewellers have looked beyond the profound romance of the diamond itself and taken inspiration from the world’s most evocative symbols of romance.

The design of the De Beers Arpeggia Collection, whose earrings, bracelets and necklaces are characterised by between one and nine delicate threads of micropavé-set diamonds interspersed with resplendent round brilliant solitaires of varying dimensions, glitters a whimsical evocation of a harmonious musical score.

Our iconic Adonis Rose Collection was created in tribute to one of the world’s most timeless and enduring love tales, of Aphrodite and her Adonis. The Adonis Rose Ring and matching band, with intricately entwined leaves and roses, is symbolic of profound love. Featuring specially selected De Beers diamonds set against white gold, and created with the highest level of craftsmanship, these pieces are a testament to the beauty and brilliance of the De Beers Difference.

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The De Beers Promise Ring Collection has been inspired by the ultimate romantic symbol between two people: a promise. The significance of a promise from one person to another cannot be underestimated, as the most romantic paintings, poetry and films attest. The Promise Ring is formed from an elegant band of micropavé-set diamonds running alongside and weaving across a simple platinum band. The De Beers Promise Ring creates an accord between two distinct rings, symbolising a promise as the coming together of the hopes of one and the devotion of another.

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