Re-Inventing the Classic

Re-Inventing the Classic

The gift of a diamond ring is a symbol of an everlasting relationship, and such treasures are passed down through generations. As connoisseurs of a jewel that has been used in jewellery for centuries, we at De Beers are able to observe the fluctuating nature of trends in jewellery, constantly changing since the dawn of self-adornment. So although some styles of jewellery are seen to become outmoded while others return to fashion, we at De Beers want our jewellery design to be as lasting as the diamonds of which we are so proud. In this way we employ our extensive knowledge of the diamond’s rich history in our designs to create works of art that will stand the test of evolving trends and give the wearer confidence to sport a style that will never be out of fashion.

We bring our unmistakable De Beers sensibility to many of the most classic styles, ensuring that our jewellery feels as familiar today as it would in any era and in any discernible style. Our focus is on imbuing our products with a contemporary edge while maintaining the fundamental elements of an enduring style: putting a contemporary twist on the most classic pieces.

For example, the undulating ribbons of diamonds of greater and lesser carat weight set into white gold that make up the Wavy Line Collection give an unusual twist and a loose, relaxed, contemporary feel to a meticulously-crafted classic necklace that would suit any occasion.

A similar contemporary twist can be seen in the Lines Collection, and particularly the unique Five Line Ring, which is at once elegant and bold, extravagant in its abundant use of diamonds, yet subtle in that it features no solitaire. This exceptional, intricate ring would make a welcome statement in any decade.

In the case of a timeless symbol of great luxury, the bountiful cluster of gems, our jewellers make updated classics stand out through the use of calculated asymmetry and juxtaposition. In the Cocktail Fizz Collection, shimmering shapes in varying dimensions give an impression of generous abundance while maintaining a laid-back beauty.

The unconventional Bezel Set Ring in which diamonds are linked together by durable but elasticated cord, combines classic style with modern materials, to create practical and comfortable yet delicate pieces of jewellery. With a popularity that has spanned generations and social strata, bangles and hoops have proved to be one of the most enduring forms of jewellery since their humble beginnings. These simple forms are true classics of jewellery. In homage to that legacy, we have created timeless versions of the hoop earring, with such playful options as the White Gold Candy Hoop, and classic hoops made of yellow and white gold in a range of sizes, from petite and chunky to elegantly slender large hoops.

The classic Aura Collection now includes fancy cut and coloured diamonds, in this celebrated design which creates a halo of thread-pave diamonds around the central solitaire. A centuries old hand setting technique is used in combination with contemporary design to create pear and heart cut pendants, fancy colour engagement rings and sleeper earrings

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