The De Beers Design Ethos

The De Beers Design Ethos

From the moment it opened its doors in 2002, De Beers Diamond Jewellers embarked on a mission to fuse the essential timelessness of the diamond with dynamic contemporary design, flavouring it with iconoclastic verve and a dash of modern romance. Pushing boundaries of artistry and craftsmanship, to honour the rich heritage of the diamond and to celebrate its natural beauty.

The diamond is the ultimate jewellery classic. For our Creative Director, the concept of classic is the starting point, the basis and reference for all of our design inspirations. The challenge is to renew this innate classicism, make it fresh, modern and relevant to women today. To bring a new soul and enchantment to classic diamond jewellery, in particular to revitalise the two most iconic enduring forms, the solitaire and the diamond line.

“The diamond itself, hand chosen for its unique De Beers fire, life and brilliance, is always the starting point for a De Beers design.”

The diamond itself, hand chosen for its unique De Beers Fire, Life and Brilliance, is always the starting point for a De Beers design. Each and every diamond has its own personality, an inspiration to be woven into the fabric of a design.

From here, the focus moves to supreme harmony of line and form, enhancing the radiance of the diamonds, distilling an idea, vision or theme, through lightness, femininity and fluidity. Nature has been a perennial influence at De Beers; flowers, as in the Wildflowers Collection, one of the original creative concepts , inspired by the flowers of the African wilderness, or water, a precious resource, interpreted as single drops or cascades of liquid light, as in the dramatic Princess Lea necklace. Other themes tap into the ancient legends of Adamas, like the iconic Talisman, taking the diamond back to its natural crystalline state and to its earliest role as magical amulet. Exquisite details inject modernity: silky threads of finest micro-pave, or emblematic motifs, a love knot, a flower. Timeless designs that pay homage to the eternal feminine.

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