Reflections of Nature

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Embark on a spectacular journey. Prepare to discover our High Jewellery collection, inspired by breathtaking landscapes.

Okavango Grace

A verdant maze of rivers and vegetation, the Okavango Delta in Botswana is a glorious triumph of nature. In the Okavango Grace set, the finest polished and rough diamonds immortalise this oasis, echoing the raw beauty of nature untouched by man.
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Ellesmere Treasure

Inspired by the pristine, snowy wilderness of Ellesmere Island, in the Canadian Arctic, the Ellesmere Treasure set radiates with icy splendour. An array of white diamonds evokes the perfect symmetry of snowflakes and the purity of clear glacial lakes, in an ode to the immaculate beauty of the frozen scenery.
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Motlatse Marvel

Powerfully evocative, the Motlatse Marvel set captures the towering peaks and valleys of the eponymous canyon in South Africa, set ablaze by the light of sunset. Exquisite fancy colour diamonds paint the scenery, echoing the dance of light and shadows as the sun traverses the canyon.
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Landers Radiance

Capturing the other-worldly beauty of a coral reef, the Landers Radiance set is a celebration of bustling underwater life. A rainbow of white and fancy colour diamonds evokes the vibrant colours of corals and fish, shimmering in sunlit waters.
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Namib Wonder

Reflecting the dramatic hues and curves of sand dunes, the Namib Wonder set pays tribute to the oldest desert on earth, its ancient allure echoed by that of timeless diamonds. Majestic in its design, it evokes the grandiose expanse of the desert, where sparkling sand meets the sky.
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The undulating sand dunes of the Namib Desert. The sun rising and setting over Motlatse Canyon. The Okavango Delta’s lush wetlands, a sanctuary for wildlife. Landers Reef, abundant with colourful coral. And the pristine, icy wilderness of Ellesmere Island. Reflections of Nature by De Beers transports you to these breathtaking locations, underscoring the importance of global conservation.

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