The Making of Knysna Chameleon

The Knysna Chameleon is a symbol of intuition, curiosity, calmness and clairvoyance. Contrary to popular belief, it does not primarily change colour to blend in but rather to adapt to light and temperature or to reflect its mood, demonstrating its prowess and powers of attraction.


The set features an array of green and pink tonal rough and polished diamonds that capture the intense colours of the chameleon. White diamonds provide a stark contrast to the colours.


Each baguette diamond in the set was re-cut to align perfectly and ensure that no gaps are visible. The curved sides of pear-shape and oval-shape diamonds create graphical contrast to the radiant and emerald-cuts in the pieces.


Each rough diamond has a bespoke setting that requires six hours to set by hand. Each rough diamond is so unique that it has to be scanned into a computer and mapped out before the diamond basket can be created. The metal around the settings of the diamonds were also shaped in spikes to echo the form of the chameleon.


Quality control is the final step of the creation process. Each jewellery piece undergoes thorough inspection by De Beers experts to ensure perfection and impeccable craftsmanship.