Let the Diamond Choose You

Fire, Life and Brilliance

Fire, Life and Brilliance

The connection between the eye, the brain and the heart is intrinsically linked to love, and it is this same relationship that leads to the discovery of beautiful diamonds.

The art of seeing is one that we believe in; our experts are trained to recognise and select only the most naturally stunning diamonds.

Fulfilling the basic ‘4 Cs’ of clarity, cut, colour and carat are only the beginning of the path of discovery towards finding the diamond that will hold the constant flame of your love.

With our peerless expertise we select only diamonds that exhibit a beauty beyond compare. We define the difference in our diamonds through the three elements of Fire, Life and Brilliance that each De Beers-selected diamond must possess. Fire is the dispersion of light into the colours of the rainbow – the eye of the dragon. Life is the flash of light, the sparkle and scintillation when a perfectly cut diamond is moved – the fairy in the heart. Brilliance is the natural transparency and brightness – the soul of the diamond.