Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Our guarantee for the life of your diamond.

“It is your guarantee and your absolute peace of mind for the life of your diamond.”

De Beers has developed a proprietary process of protection for you and your diamond. All diamonds above 0.20 carat that pass our stringent criteria are microscopically branded with the De Beers Marque.

Completely invisible to the naked eye, this microscopic inscription is made using the De Beers Group’s advanced proprietary technology. The Marque ensures that each diamond will retain its identify as an official De Beers diamond as it passes from generation to generation, or in case its original setting is changed. This process does not in any way affect the diamond’s carat weight, colour or clarity grading.

The diamond is then catalogued in the De Beers Diamond Registry, providing an additional level of protection and security.

Each piece of De Beers jewellery is accompanied by a De Beers Passport to give you ultimate peace of mind in this important and emotional purchase. The Passport is a counterfeit-proof certification that guarantees that your De Beers diamond jewellery has been ethically and responsibly sourced and manufactured.

The Diamond Passport confidentially documents every aspect of your purchase, including your diamond’s colour, clarity, carat weight, exact cut and measurements. Furthermore, the Passport records the jewel’s unique De Beers’ Marque and metal type.

It is your guarantee and your absolute peace of mind for the life of your diamond.

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