The De Beers Iris

Once our experts have established the natural beauty of the diamond and we have made our painstaking selection, we make it our next mission to empower you with our knowledge and understanding. It is important for you to understand, appreciate and enjoy the difference in our diamonds – to share in the whole selection and creative process.

The Beauty Scan enables you to discover the sublime symmetry of your diamond. The Beauty Scan is a scanning apparatus that allows the untrained eye to see the sparkle, brilliance and perfection of our diamonds as if through the eyes of an industry expert, and to understand the concept of Fire, Life and Brilliance in real, visual terms. The scan shows the play of light through a diamond, illuminating the facets to create a kaleidoscope of moving light and shape. In a De Beers diamond, the facets will light up at the same time, to the same intensity, showing that they are working perfectly and equally, building into an aesthetically pleasing kaleidoscopic form of absolute harmony that pays homage to the perfect balance and sacred geometry of nature. The De Beers Iris is an essential element of the total De Beers Diamond Jewellery experience.