De Beers Aura

De Beers Aura

As lovers, as friends, you see the world through the shared lens of your dreams. These dreams bring sparkle to the stars that circle the heavens above and are symbolised through the halo of the De Beers Aura Solitaire Ring, binding the elemental purity of a diamond to the sanctity of your love.

The delicate circle of love is reflected in the micropavé ring of diamonds that creates a halo of radiant light around the solitaire diamond in the Aura, protecting it and showcasing the beauty and brilliance of the centrepiece.

Designed to complement both cushion and round brilliant solitaires, the unique Aura setting was created to magnify the presence of the centre diamond and allow it to sit flush with its matching wedding band. The nature of De Beers’ signature floating micropavé setting minimises the metal surrounding the diamonds so they sparkle freely. Together these rings radiate an aura of eternity and universal perfection.

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