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A spiralling sensation, the perpetual motion of the energetic form of The De Beers Aria Collection generates a light performance of wondrous brilliance. The spirited swirling display, driven by inner passions explores the release of constraints; gravity appears defied and a feeling of airy weightlessness is delivered with pure grace. An expression of the soul, an impromptu dance creates a unique spontaneous masterpiece. In this vivid and vibrant performance, the source of life is harnessed to inspire a luminous show of wonder. A dramatic interplay of light and shadow is punctuated with expressive gestures and beautiful shapes. The creation of this aesthetic display ignites the senses, so captivating admirers in the same way a De Beers diamond of true brilliance does. Radiating from the centre diamond, the motif of the Aria Collection artfully traces the movement of this elegant dancer. The diamond honours the female form capturing her beauty and grace. The artful fusion of ethereal dance and illuminated performance is expressed in the name Aria, meaning atmosphere and air in Latin and Italian. As the dance intensifies, so the pieces of the De Beers Aria Collection appear to build in momentum exuding from the focal diamond energetic swathes. The graduated diamond lines reflect this climatic drama while the repetition of the refined design and multidimensional relief of these pieces emphasise the continued motion of spiralling beauty. As dance pushes boundaries of physical constraints, so De Beers challenges the limitations of craftsmanship in the creation of this collection. This choreography of light and spirited dance of the soul gives inspiration to the De Beers Aria Collection.
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