Lea Collection

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Water, like the diamond, is one of nature’s most precious resources, and designs depicting water show a De Beers diamond’s characteristic lightness and fluidity to perfection. Diamonds become single drops or cascades of liquid light in the dramatic Princess Lea Necklace, with its magnificent drop- or pear-shaped diamonds, hung within a waterfall of diamonds. The Princess Lea, composed entirely of superb quality, D colour, internally flawless diamonds, is a modern masterpiece that took twelve hundred hours of highly skilled artisanship to create. With its aristocratic air, the Princess Lea is the showpiece of the Lea Collection, which also includes the Lea Necklace in a simpler, more tailored version, hung with a cluster of diamond drops, and a ring and bracelet, designed as rippling diamond streams. These exquisite pieces tap into ancient myths and legends that diamonds were tears of the gods or splinters of the stars.
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