Modern Talismans

Throughout history, men and women have worn adornments that were thought to bring them everything from good health to great fortune and success. Such talismanic objects symbolized the beliefs of the wearer and were even thought to possess magical powers. More than any other gemstone, the diamond has an incredibly rich history as a symbol of mystical influence; for centuries this miracle of nature has represented purity, power, strength, valour, virility and good fortune.

Long before the modern age, when diamonds became coveted for their beauty, luxury and status, they were instead sought for these more mysterious attributes. By the early Middle Ages, diamonds were so prized that it was decreed that they should only be worn by kings and royalty. But while the modern age has championed the preciousness and beauty of diamonds over their legendary powers and meanings, we are now rediscovering the potent symbolism of diamonds, seeking out jewellery that feels personal, powerful and pure. Thoroughly individual pieces – modern amulets that draw on the extraordinary history of gems – can make us feel protected, empowered. We want jewellery that conveys meaning, talismanic emblems that bring hope, positive energy, success, health, love and luck. DeBeers has responded to such desires with some very special pieces.

The Talisman Collection neatly personifies the spirit of the modern amulet. Based around rough diamonds – diamonds in their natural state that have been treasured for their magical, protective qualities since before the first century B.C. – the Talisman pieces play off of ancient designs that focused on the diamond as a special amulet with supernatural powers. Each design begins with understated yet exquisitely beautiful rough diamonds in earthy shades of brown, yellow, grey and green, which are then set into textural hand-beaten gold. Each piece has an irregular outline, echoing the organic shape of the rough diamonds, and each is studded with polished white diamonds that act as a shimmering counterpoint to the coloured diamonds and hammered metal. Coin pendants dangle from chain necklaces and feature a handful of rough diamonds or one statement central diamond. Rings are designed around a central diamond embedded in beaten gold and surrounded by pure white brilliant diamonds. Each piece is understated yet eye-catching, ancient yet thoroughly modern, playing on our contemporary yearning for designs that feel natural, sincere and tactile while still fulfilling our craving for beguiling and indulgent accessories.

In a similar spirit, the Lucky Coins Collection draws on the ancient meanings of familiar symbols, from the moon and stars to hearts and clover leafs. Each motif is represented in playful yet elegant coins studded with diamonds for luck, happiness, love and success.

The Enchanted Lotus Collection combines the mythical powers of the diamond with the deeply symbolic lotus flower, long revered in the East for its association with the soul and enlightenment. Like the diamond, it is a symbol of purity and eternity, growing out of darkness to become exquisitely pure and beautiful. In the Enchanted Lotus Ring, for example, the iconic lotus flower motif is rendered in beautifully intricate micropavé diamonds.

All these symbolic pieces speak of something more fundamental and spiritual, offering women more than just a piece of jewellery. Each is treasured as something innately personal, giving strength and resilience. From the simplicity of the De Beers Reverie Ring with its echo of renewal and rejuvenation expressed in diamond petals, to the love and commitment represented by swans paired for life in the Swan Band, each piece must speak to the heart, representing the journey through life and love.

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