De Beers RVL Black Cord Bracelet in Rose Gold

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De Beers RVL

De Beers RVL Black Cord Bracelet in Rose Gold

Original price 700 €
For an unapologetic spirit and well-travelled look, the De Beers RVL 18k rose gold and black cord bracelet features a hidden diamond on the side, its presence known only by the wearer. Drawing inspiration from the De Beers’ monogram, the collection’s aesthetic highlights the ‘D’ and ‘B’ imprinted in the metal to form striking repetitive lines that resemble a code, and when viewed from the side, a gear. Like the De Beers initials hidden within the design, one’s unique character is not immediately evident; it must be revealed. As a mechanism that incites action, De Beers RVL emboldens the wearer to express their extraordinary self to the rest of the world through a variety of contemporary materials, distinct designs and playful styling.

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De Beers Jewellers no. B1032790000
  • Melée Colour: G+
  • Melée Clarity: VS+
  • Material: 18K Rose Gold
  • Dimensions: Motif dimensions: Width: 2.5mm Height: 10mm Depth: 1.7mm
  • Adjustability: Adjustable Cord

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Meticulously selected by eye to find the perfect alignment of facets and angles, each De Beers diamond is chosen for its exquisite brilliance and sparkle. Responsibly and ethically sourced, every diamond is graded by the De Beers Institute of Diamonds and inscribed with the DB Marque, a sign of its extraordinary beauty and quality, before being crafted by the finest artisans into exceptional De Beers Jewellery Collections.