Diamond Polishing Wipes (Box of 50)


Diamond Polishing Wipes (Box of 50)

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Your diamonds deserve to look brilliant every day. To ensure your De Beers jewelry shines with maximum sparkle, we have created a unique polishing wipe with Diamond Polish. As only diamond can polish diamond, each single-use wipe contains more than a million micron-sized diamonds to quickly clean and polish the surface of the diamond. To use, remove the single-use wipe from its sachet and wipe the diamond whilst wearing your jewelry. There is no need to rinse your jewelry after use. Each box contains 50 diamond polishing cloth sachets.
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Meticulously selected by eye to find the perfect alignment of facets and angles, each De Beers diamond is chosen for its exquisite brilliance and sparkle. Responsibly and ethically sourced, every diamond is graded by the De Beers Institute of Diamonds and inscribed with the DB Marque, a sign of its extraordinary beauty and quality, before being crafted by the finest artisans into exceptional De Beers Jewellery Collections.