De Beers Metamorphosis Collection


With Prelude, the first set from our new High Jewellery Collection, Metamorphosis by De Beers, we wanted to tell the story of the start of a magical transformation. In Chapter Two, we continue this poetic ode to nature’s constant evolution, welcoming four beautiful butterflies. I am particularly proud of the daring designs of this chapter: we’ve experimented with bold volumes, graphic motifs and hidden details. Our focus on transformability reflects the fact that De Beers is a young House. Yes, High Jewellery is the epitome of art and craftsmanship, but it should also be wearable and fun.
Céline Assimon
CEO of De Beers Jewellers
HJ Metamorphosis Spring Collection


The layered petals of the King Protea flower of southern Africa offer inspiration for the Spring set. Crafted in a soft palette of white and rose gold, the collection reflects the plant’s dégradé hues, while diamond-set petal motifs blend bold design with exceptional craftsmanship.
HJ Metamorphosis Summer Collection


Evoking ripples on a sandy beach and the forms of ancient fossils revealed between the dunes, the Summer set radiates warmth and harmony. Rough and polished yellow diamonds accompany polished white diamonds in bold, transformative and one-of-a-kind designs.
HJ Metamorphosis Autumn Collection


Soaring curves of rose gold, hand-painted with a fiery Grand Feu enamel ombré flowing from deep red to golden bronze, echo the russet hues and swooping silhouettes of falling leaves in the Autumn set. While artistic enamel elements detach from graceful contours of diamond-set white gold.
De Beers Jewellers Metamorphosis Winter Collection


The Winter set evokes ethereal beauty with graphic shards of diamond-set white gold reflecting fragments of ice frozen lakes and rivers. Articulated jewels display exceptional artistry as they follow the contours of the body, whispering fluidity and wearability.
HJ Metamorphosis Prelude Collection


All four seasons collide in the one-of-a-kind creations seen in Prelude, the first set in the incredible Metamorphosis by De Beers High Jewellery Collection.