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The 4Cs

To simplify the subject of diamond grading, the 4Cs relate to cut, colour, clarity and carat weight - a universal language that was established with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and introduced to the public by De Beers. The combination of these factors determines a diamond`s relative rarity and value.

However, as important as the 4 Cs are in diamond grading reports, they do not express the beauty of a diamond, the most important part of our diamond selection work at De Beers Jewellers. By hand and eye, we focus on the beauty of each and every diamond, because a natural diamond should never be purchased purely on its laboratory grading report. Two diamonds with the same 4Cs may differ greatly in beauty. One may be dull and lifeless, the product of poorly aligned facets and angles, while the other may radiate with Fire, Life and Brilliance.

At De Beers, we know their interrelation very well, therefore we can help you find the perfect diamond for every budget. And most importantly, trust your eye, mind and ultimately your heart’s reaction. The diamond you chose should be the one which you do not want to take off your hand, regardless of the important 4Cs.

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