A finished piece of De Beers jewellery is an everlasting symbol for emotions and memories; as meaningful as it is beautiful

The irresistible allure of the world’s most beautiful diamonds , combined with our exquisite designs and meticulous craftsmanship , results in jewellery that will be cherished for generations. Every piece is the beginning of a new legacy.

A powerful energy

Diamonds have an otherworldly energy that can be sensed when they are worn. Some of our creations feature secret diamonds that caress the skin, so that the wearer can constantly harness their awe-inspiring strength.

High Jewellery Solitaires
High Jewellery Solitaires Rings

Marking milestones

We have the privilege of creating jewellery that commemorates life’s most intimate, special and uplifting occasions. Our designs become part of their wearer’s life story, ripe with meaning that further enhances their inherent preciousness. It is an honour to help mark our clients’ milestones with magnificent diamond jewellery that will forever symbolise the remarkable people who have worn it.

Talisman Pendant

Limitless potential

As a precious symbol of love, style and strength, our jewellery is created to amplify the unique charisma of whoever wears it. Just as our expertise allows us to reveal the astonishing beauty inside a rough diamond, our jewellery unleashes the limitless potential of our clients. Because although our jewellery unquestionably attracts attention, its greatest gift is how radiant and powerful it makes the wearer feel.