Ethereally beautiful creations in white gold and white diamonds evoke the glacial purity of Winter. Striking diamonds and various diamond-setting techniques appear alongside polished and textured gold to create a dazzling play of light that evokes sunlight dancing on ice. Exceptional craftsmanship creates a sensual fluidity as the pieces move in sync with the wearer, inspired by fragments of ice on frozen lakes.

High Jewellery Spring Collection


From transformable necklaces to a 40-carat diamond tiara, unique in the world of High Jewellery, our Winter set offers magnificent delights. Contact our Brand Ambassadors to enquire online or to arrange an appointment.
Winter Chandelier Earrings

Winter Chandelier Earrings

These ethereally beautiful chandelier earrings radiate glacial splendour. Bezel-set princess-cut diamond studs come together with dramatic kite-shaped drops, which see shards of diamond-set and textured white gold emanate from smaller princess-cut diamonds at their centre. Textured gold reflects and refracts light as the wearer moves, like sunlight on snow.

Winter Necklace
Winter Necklace Showcase
Spring Double Ring

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Winter Pendant Necklace
Winter Line Earrings
Winter Bracelet

Winter Bracelet

This ravishing, one-of-a-kind bracelet sensuously drapes the wrist with articulated shards of diamond-set and textured white gold featuring a myriad of diamond cuts and setting techniques. These ingeniously connected links create an abstract pattern that delicately reveals the silhouette of a pair of diamonds. A natural symmetry in nature’s rarest treasures.

Winter Solitaire Ring
Winter Collar Necklace
Winter Tiara blue
Winter Tiara white diamond
Winter Tiara brown
Winter Tiara