Forces of Nature celebrates the animal kingdom and our intimate affinity with the natural. Exceptionally crafted, these jewels also carry spiritual significance.
In this collection, we continue to demonstrate the incredible artistry, peerless craftsmanship and remarkable diamonds that define us as a leader in diamond jewellery.
Céline Assimon
CEO De Beers Jewellers


The voluptuous Tenderness set features intricate intertwining trunks of round brilliant and step-cut diamonds, echoing the loving displays of affectionate elephants. Heart-shaped white diamonds and Fancy Pink diamonds exude romance in a tribute to the eternal love and loyalty of these magnificent animals.
Protection Collection


Wise, and courageous, the lion is a majestic leader. The talismanic Protection set comes alive with the tactility of gold beads, the warmth of yellow diamonds, and the irresistible power of rough diamonds, all inspired by the lion’s sensational mane and the energy it conveys.
Dignity Collection


Inspired by the grandeur and elegance of giraffes, the Dignity set radiates the powerful energy of rough brown diamonds, evoking a giraffe’s distinctive print. These untouched treasures of nature glow alongside magnificent polished diamonds, complemented by the exceptional artistry of intricate serti poinçoin hand-engraving.
Magnetism Collection


The leopard’s hypnotising gaze is eternally alluring. In the Magnetism set, marquise-shaped white diamonds and accents of rare green diamonds mirror these captivating eyes in an elegant fusion of timelessness and modernity.
Individuality Collection


Like a fingerprint, each zebra’s pattern is unique. The Individuality set pays homage to the untameable beauty and singular spirit of these enigmatic animals. Each creation combines the geometric glamour of Asscher-cut diamonds with the shapely curves of black lacquer, echoing the zebra’s iconic markings.
Stability Collection


The African buffalo exemplifies solidity and stability, its horns curving skywards in an unmistakable display of strength. The Stability set pays homage to its grounded nature, with brown pyramid-shaped rough diamonds juxtaposed against polished white and brown diamonds as a reminder of De Beers unique diamond expertise.
Fortitude Collection


One of the Earth’s oldest animals, the rhinoceros exudes immense resilience and strength, much like natural diamonds. The jewellery pieces in the Fortitude set are crafted from brushed titanium and captivating pear-shaped diamonds, echoing the magnificent creature’s armoured exterior and multifaceted nature.
Spirituality Collection


With towering horns linking Earth and sky, the greater kudu symbolises mysticism with statuesque, ethereal beauty. These qualities inspired the Spirituality set, scintillating from every angle, expertly crafted diamond-set spirals elevate cushion-cut grey and white diamonds of peerless quality.