Diamond engagement ring white gold
Diamond engagement ring white gold

How To Choose Your Engagement Ring


The question of a lifetime. A love that lasts for eternity. A diamond that will transcend generations. A proposal is all the more magical with a De Beers diamond. De Beers is synonymous with exquisite engagement rings that showcase nature’s most magnificent treasures. A De Beers Diamond is selected by eye to find the perfect alignment of facets and angles, the cut determines how a diamond reflects, refracts and disperses light. This not only represents the quality of a diamond but results in its ultimate sparkle. At De Beers, we cut all our diamonds for maximum beauty, not weight. The polished shape and faceting style of every diamond is determined by the shape of the original diamond in the rough. Our diamond cutters individually examine each rough diamond to determine which cut will maximise their unique beauty. Just as a sculptor can take a piece of marble and hone it into a work of art, so a combination of technical expertise and talented artistry is required to cut a diamond so that it reflects light and achieves exceptional sparkle.


Diamond shape is a personal choice as each diamond shape has its own unique characteristics. The diamond shape you choose is a reflection of your own personality and sense of style. At De Beers we believe that the most beautiful diamond in the world will choose you. It is often the diamond that you feel so attracted to that you do not want to take it off your hand. All diamonds shapes are based on three faceting styles - the round brilliant, the step cut and the princess cut. Round edged diamond shapes, such as the pear, oval, cushion and marquise, are based on the round brilliant. Its facets are arranged in a pattern radiating outward to the gridle outline, resulting in a strong burst of brilliance. Straight edged shapes, including the emerald cut, are based on the step cut. With their facets arranged in a step-like manner, parallel to the girdle outline, the diamonds display an icy clear brilliance. The princess cut is a square variation of the brilliant cut.

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At De Beers you can buy with confidence. Our unique connection to the source means that not only are our diamonds superlatively beautiful but that we can ensure their traceability and positive impact. Our experts are on hand to help you and guide you towards an engagement ring that’s as unique as your love story.

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When you buy De Beers jewellery, a very special journey begins, one that is set to last a lifetime. This is why when you make your purchase, we make a service commitment to you. To maintain your De Beers jewellery, we offer to clean your pieces using both ultrasonic and steam systems. This in-store service is complimentary. This service checks for any signs of damage to the settings that may have been sustained through wear.

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