De Beers is committed to creating a positive long-term impact that will endure well beyond the discovery of our last diamond.

We call our commitment Building Forever, and it sits at the heart of everything we do. Building Forever is our blueprint to a better future – one that is fairer, safer, cleaner and healthier, where safety, human rights and ethical integrity continue to be paramount, where communities thrive, and where the environment is protected. From the countries where we discover our diamonds through to the stores where we sell our diamonds, Building Forever guides our work, our decisions and our behaviours.

Building Forever contains four key pillars where we can make a significant contribution: leading ethical practices across the industry, partnering for thriving communities, protecting the natural world, and accelerating equal opportunity.

2030 Building Forever Goals

To Build Forever, we need to continuously challenge ourselves to do better and push further, which is why we have set ourselves 12 ambitious goals to achieve by 2030. These goals are vitally important not only to our business, but also to our employees, partners and communities.

With an origin that predates dinosaurs by at least half a billion years, a diamond is the closest thing to forever that we can hold in our hands. The volcanic explosions that drove diamonds to the Earth’s surface ended millions of years ago, so diamond discoveries are becoming rarer by the day. It is our responsibility to do all we can to make sure every diamond we discover helps to create a better world. No symbol has the same strength, wonder and beauty as a diamond. It holds tremendous power and meaning as a representation of connection – a connection between two people, or a connection to one’s own achievements, memories or self-expression. We feel that same depth of connection with the planet and with the communities where we live and work. We understand that the role we play in the life of a diamond is relatively short, yet our opportunity to create a positive impact that lives long beyond the last diamond we discover is profound. Building Forever has the power to support a brighter future in essential, sustainable and beautiful ways.

Learn about our four pillars and 2030 Goals below, and discover them in detail here.

Building Forever Product at De Beers
Building Forever Product at De Beers

Our Building Forever Pillars

Ensuring a lasting positive impact by focusing on what is most important for us and our partners.

Leading Ethical Practices across the Industry

Our vision is to continue to work tirelessly to advance industry standards, enhance transparency of diamond provenance and improve the livelihoods of artisanal miners.

Our ambition is to lead the diamond sector in ethical practices, helping the industry continue to progress in this area and drive consumer confidence in diamonds. Our focus for 2030 is on extending the reach of our industry-leading Best Practice Principle and partnering on scalable solutions to support those who work in the artisanal and small-scale mining sector. We want to provide our clients with the provenance and origin of our diamonds, so that they can be proud that it has been sourced responsibly and has generated lasting positive impact.

In 2005, De Beers developed the Best Practice Principles, the strictest set of ethical, social and environmental standards that the industry had ever seen. These ensure that all De Beers Group entities, our Sightholder customers and their diamond contractors all abide by international human rights frameworks and labour regulations, alongside a wide range of other rigorous ethical, social and environmental requirements. As a result, currently 2,700 entities across the diamond industry, which together employ more than 350,000 people, are subject to these standards. Our goal is to regularly evolve the BPPs to keep pace with the highest international standards across all areas of business, social and environmental impact.

By 2030 we will:

  • -- Extend our Best Practice Principles beyond our value chain to advance industry standards
  • -- Provide the origin and impact of every diamond we discover and sell
  • -- Deliver scalable solutions to improve the livelihoods of artisanal miners
Partnering for Thriving Communities

Our vision is to partner to improve health and education outcomes and increase livelihood opportunities to support community resilience and economic diversification in our host countries across southern Africa and Canada.

Through this pillar we seek ways in which we can partner to generate real and lasting benefits for the communities around our diamond operations. Many of the communities – and even countries – with which we partner rely on diamond revenues as their primary source of income and economic development. We therefore focus on working in close collaboration with these communities to ensure we succeed together while creating economic opportunities beyond mining. To support communities to thrive, our focus is on health, education and livelihoods.

By 2030 we will:

  • -- Achieve priority UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG3) health targets in all our partner communities
  • -- Establish skills partnerships in all our partner communities
  • -- Have supported four jobs across our partner countries for every one job at our operations
Building Forever Product at De Beers
Building Forever Product at De Beers
Protecting the Natural World

Our vision is to be carbon neutral, minimise our water footprint and deliver a net positive impact on biodiversity.

Our partner communities cannot be healthy or thrive economically unless we work together to protect the natural world. We operate a sustainable approach to land management that includes continuous restoration and rehabilitation in partnership with local communities and follow best practice for water and biodiversity management, waste, air quality, emissions and mine closure. Beyond this, we are focused on delivering transformative environmental performance through FutureSmart Mining™ technology, the development of carbon neutral mines, halving our water footprint and protecting some of the world’s most vulnerable species.

For every hectare of land impacted by our mining activities, we set aside six hectares for conservation, which equates to approximately 200,000 hectares of land that we protect for wildlife and biodiversity. De Beers works with leading conservation partners to maximise the success of our programmes, and we have seen great success in supporting a range of species in our conservation areas, including rhinos, elephants, cheetahs and giraffes. There are now so many elephants at De Beers Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve in South Africa that we are working with Peace Parks Foundation (PPF), investing US $1.8million in the longest elephant relocation ever attempted, moving approximately 200 elephants 1,700km to a new home in Zinave National Park in Mozambique.

We are also investing in a ground-breaking carbon-capture project that is investigating how to accelerate the natural carbon-storage capability of kimberlite, the host rock in which diamonds are found.

By 2030 we will:

  • -- Be carbon neutral across our operations
  • -- Reduce our water footprint by 50%
  • -- Achieve a net positive impact on biodiversity
Accelerating Equal Opportunity

Our vision is to accelerate economic inclusion and support diverse voices to help shape the future of our business, communities and society.

Building on our work to establish ethical practices and generate positive outcomes for the people and environments where we operate, we also focus on creating equal opportunity for all, across the entire diamond value chain. We recognise that it takes continuous focus on identifying and removing systemic barriers to social and economic inclusion and that equal opportunity will benefit us all. We are therefore implementing and continually strengthening our programmes to support equal opportunities – in our business, our communities and in the wider industry – across all forms of diversity including gender, race, age, disability, sexual identity and orientation.

By 2030 we will:

  • -- Achieve equal opportunity, including gender parity, for employees across our workforce
  • -- Support 10,000 women entrepreneurs and engage 10,000 girls in STEM
  • -- Increase the diversity of creative talent in the diamond jewellery sector

You can learn more about De Beers’ Building Forever initiatives and 2030 goals here.

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