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The 1888 Master Diamonds

Our curated selection of exceptional natural diamonds

Named after the year De Beers was founded, the 1888 Master Diamonds collection is our latest curated selection of some of the world’s most beautiful natural diamonds. Ethically sourced from our mines, and cut to the highest standard of beauty over weight, these diamonds were expertly crafted into wearable works of art. Aiming to provide even greater peace of mind to our clients, we traced each of these diamonds’ craftsmanship journey using the leading emerging technologies provided by Tracr, a Connected Value Chain platform developed by De Beers.

Having this direct traceability allows us to objectively and confidently demonstrate that our natural diamonds are not only authentic, 100 per cent conflict-free and ethically produced, but have also had a positive impact along their journey. Our long-term commitment to creating a positive legacy that will endure well beyond the recovery of our last diamond is called Building Forever, and, among other things, it supports more than 1,250 women small-scale micro-entrepreneurs across Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, improves access to quality education in our communities and protects the natural world by preserving biodiversity, and by taking bold and innovative steps to address climate change and its effects.

The 1888 Master Diamonds collection features remarkable examples of beauty and craftsmanship. Our expert diamond polishers worked with some of the world’s most beautiful rough diamonds, especially selected from our own mines, to produce polished diamonds of incredible rarity. Once a diamond is selected, our clients will be able to work closely with De Beers’ experts to craft their exclusive bespoke designs.

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