Alive with colour and movement, the vibrant pieces from the Autumn set feature an artistic ombré that flows from deep red to golden bronze echoing the russet hues of the final remnants of summer warmth as the seasons shift towards winter. Each design is expertly crafted so that the enamel and diamond elements can be worn together or separately, offering a High Jewellery metamorphosis from avant-garde works of art into classically beautiful jewels.

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The Grand Feu enamel of Autumn surrounds graceful contours of diamond-set white gold; the transition from warmth to an icy imminent winter. Contact our Brand Ambassadors to enquire online or to arrange an appointment.
Autumn Bangle

Autumn Bangle

This transformable piece features traditional Grand Feu enamel, hand-painted onto soaring contours of rose gold in Autumnal tones, while a closely hugging second bangle, crafted in white gold and set with a 2.01 carat pear-shaped diamond symbolic of the imminent arrival of Winter. Worn together, these bangles are avant-garde art; worn alone, each one is classically beautiful.

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Autumn Ear Cuffs
Autumn Diamond Ear Cuff
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Autumn Crafstmanship

Crafted to perfection

Meticulously selected by eye for the perfect alignment of facets and angles, less than 1% of the world’s natural diamonds are eligible to become a De Beers diamond, each chosen for its exquisite brilliance. Responsibly and ethically sourced, every diamond is graded by the De Beers Institute of Diamonds and inscribed with the De Beers Marque, a sign of the diamond’s extraordinary beauty and rarity, before being crafted by the finest artisans into our unmatched collections.

Autumn Necklace

Autumn Necklace

This sophisticated choker offers two looks in one as two detachable strokes of rose-gold and Grand Feu enamel create hand-painted russet tones. These attach to a slender white gold and pavé-diamond choker set with twin pear-shaped white diamonds weighing 2 carats each. When worn without the enamel elements, their elegant curve transforms from bold and artistic to graceful and monochromatic.

Autumn Cocktail Ring close up
Autumn Cocktail Ring white diamond
Autumn Cocktail Ring