Our diamond experts select the world’s most beautiful rough diamonds and transform them into polished gems of unparalleled brilliance.

Of all the diamonds we discover, only the very best, the most mesmerizingly beautiful, will be selected to be included in our jewellery. We are in the privileged position to choose rough diamonds with the potential to become true treasures, and our artistically talented diamantaires know exactly how to unleash their singular character. Our standards for quality and cut are the highest of any Jewellery House, meaning our jewellery radiates brighter, and more beautiful than any other.


Thanks to our unique connection to the source, we have first choice in selecting the most magnificent diamonds created by Mother Nature. Drawing on expertise that stretches back to 1888, our specialists identify the rough diamonds that glimmer with the promise of astonishing beauty. We are the only Jewellery House to choose every diamond by eye, never from its certificate alone. We harness our unrivalled knowledge and intuition to spot the subtle, almost-intangible qualities that make one diamond more enchanting than another -- qualities that could never be discerned from certificates alone. It is this human touch that puts our diamond jewellery in a class of its own

A world of colour

At De Beers Jewellers, we seek beauty throughout the entire spectrum of white diamonds, from D to Z, because we know that some of the most alluring diamonds on Earth are considered ‘warm whites’. We celebrate their distinctive character, so we can craft jewellery with irresistible diamonds that connoisseurs won’t find elsewhere. We are the authority on Fancy coloured diamonds -- each one a natural phenomenon, never to be repeated. While all Fancy coloured diamonds are extremely rare, we source those with the vivacity, transparency and brilliance to become works of art. We have the specialist skills to transform them into remarkably valuable collector’s items -- the stars of jewellery that transcends generations.

Diamond Polishing Tool


Our diamantaires are masters of their craft. They have a deep affinity with diamonds, channelling their extraordinary intuition and savoir-faire to reveal the intoxicating power within each rough. Through a magical alchemy of art and science, they map the cuts and facets that will coax out the richest, most sublime hue of a coloured diamond, and transform a rough into a polished diamond of unparalleled brilliance and beauty.


Peerless perfection

Our experts cut for beauty over size, always. The cut of a diamond determines how well it reflects, disperses and refracts light, in other words, how much it sparkles. Our exclusive standards mean that only 30% of diamonds deemed ‘triple excellent’ by the GIA would meet our criteria. We demonstrate the peerless perfection of our round brilliant diamonds through the De Beers Iris, a proprietary technology that simultaneously lights up every facet, illuminating the diamond’s impeccable proportions, superb symmetry and incredible light reflection.

The De Beers Marque

Diamonds that meet our discerning standards are given our stamp of approval via the De Beers Marque, a microscopic, inscribed number that is electronically logged in our diamond registry as everlasting assurance of the diamond’s superlative quality and positive impact. The diamonds that are deemed beautiful enough to be crafted into our jewellery become the centrepiece of our timeless creations, inspiring our designers with their powerful, magnetic allure.

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