How to Select Your Diamond Product at De Beers

How To Select Your Diamond

At De Beers, when you choose your diamond, we want you to make an informed decision. With our 130 years of diamond mastery, we will guide you on a journey of discovery to find a diamond that is unique to you. We will give you the maximum number of options for any budget you may have, and ensure you receive maximum beauty for value.

We also want you to enjoy that journey. To share our passion for natural diamonds and why we see them as nature’s finest works of art. To appreciate what we have learned as the Home of Diamonds since 1888.

We meticulously hand-select each and every one of our diamonds, assessing them individually by eye. We look for the perfect alignment of facets and angles, which maximises how a diamond reflects, refracts and disperses light. This not only represents the quality of a diamond but results in its ultimate sparkle, so you can be confident of your choice whether you are buying online or in-store.

When choosing a diamond, there is, without doubt, a De Beers difference. Not only were we at the origin of many of the techniques and standards used in the industry today, including the universal classification system based on the 4Cs – cut, colour, clarity and carat – our evaluations also go beyond conventional assessments. We recognise that while two diamonds may appear identical on a laboratory grading report, in reality, they may not be as equally beautiful.

Importantly at De Beers, we look at the colour grade of a white diamond as an indication of its rarity rather than a statement of its quality or suitability. While D (colourless) is the most rare, equally pleasing shades range right through to Z, which will have warmer hues. We carry the full range in order to give clients more choice. A warm white colour might suit you better than one that is icy white, and because its price is lower, you then have the exciting option of buying a diamond that is much larger than you ever thought possible. And of course, any De Beers diamond you choose will be peerless because it will be magnificently cut.

Indeed, you can come in to a store to view a De Beers True Brilliant diamond through the De Beers Iris. Here, you will be able to see that the facets of our diamonds illuminate simultaneously for maximum light reflection. We are also proud that each of our diamonds passes what is known as the ‘candlelight test’. This is the most challenging light condition and is therefore the most discriminating test we can use to showcase the sparkle of our diamonds.

We believe the moment you are able to see into the heart of your diamond and appreciate its individual identity is the moment it becomes your own.

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How to Select Your Diamond Product at De Beers

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