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Looking After Your Diamond

Diamond Care & Extended Services

When you buy De Beers jewellery, a very special journey begins, one that is set to last a lifetime. This is why when you make your purchase, we make a service commitment to you.

Lifetime Cleaning

To maintain your De Beers jewellery, we offer to clean your pieces using both ultrasonic and steam systems. This in-store service is complimentary. If you want to sparkle up your diamond on the go, we recommend using De Beers Instant Diamond Brilliance wipes.

Professional Polishing

On request, our professional team will be happy to advise when to polish a De Beers’ piece. This service helps smooth out superficial scratches of the precious metals that occur through daily wear. While your jewellery will not necessarily appear brand new, it will look noticeably refreshed.

Set to Last

To maintain the integrity of the diamond settings of De Beers jewellery, we advise each piece is inspected annually on a complimentary basis. This service checks for any signs of damage to the settings that may have been sustained through wear. Any suggested remedial work will help to ensure the continued beauty and longevity of the piece.

Engraving & Personalisation

Engraving a name and a date on any diamond engagement ring or wedding band represents the perfect individual touch and we are happy to undertake this initial engraving at no extra cost. It is also possible to have any of our diamond jewellery designs engraved with a personal message where space allows.

The Perfect Fit

A ring that slips onto a finger with elegant ease, remaining safe and secure, is as important to De Beers as it is for you. Therefore, we are delighted to resize any ring whenever possible. This may incur a cost, although a first purchase diamond engagement ring or wedding band can be resized and remounted on a complimentary basis if the request is made within three months of purchase.

Looking After Your Diamond Product at De Beers
Looking After Your Diamond Product at De Beers