Nature Wonder Campaign at De Beers

Nature's Wonders, as individual as you

No two diamonds – like no two individuals – are ever the same. At De Beers, we harness the beauty and character of each natural diamond, honouring the individuality of its journey. Three brilliant women, each with unique talents and inspirational stories, embody the different facets of De Beers diamond jewellery.

Nature Wonder Campaign - Brand Hero
Nature Wonder Campaign -  Sea

A celebration of individuality

A celebration of the innate beauty of the diamond and of its wearer, each piece of De Beers jewellery is an irreplaceable symbol of individuality. Forever challenging herself as an artist, Conie Vallese embodies our dedication to craftsmanship and technical artistry, as well as our enduring commitment to sustainability.

Nature Wonder Campaign Engagement and Wedding Collection
Nature Wonder Campaign Engagment Rings at De Beers

Relationship milestones

Meticulously crafted engagement rings and wedding day jewellery, for milestones worth celebrating with a diamond as unique as you. With her brilliant exploration of modern love and female identity, acclaimed poet Greta Bellamacina perfectly echoes the emotive inspiration behind De Beers bridal jewellery.

Nature Wonder Campaign Jewellery Collection at De Beers
Nature Wonder Campaign at De Beers

Effortless elegance

Through thoughtful symbolism, our diamond jewellery collections celebrate the natural beauty and personal style of their wearer. A law student with an inspiring life journey, Aweng Chuol embodies the empowered individual at the heart of De Beers.

Nature Wonder Campaign High Jewellery Collection at De Beers
Nature Wonder CampaignHigh Jewellery Fancy Rings  at De Beers

Nature's works of art

At De Beers, natural diamonds inspire and shape exceptional works of art. Our High Jewellery creations enhance the beauty of nature’s wonders with distinctive designs, honouring their unique character gained on their journey from the centre of the earth to you.


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