Unveiling the Extraordinary

The Art of Diamond Jewellery Creation at De Beers Jewellers

At De Beers Jewellers, we are a 23-year-old Jewellery House powered by expertise that dates back to 1888. As the leaders in the art of diamond jewellery creation, we are in a unique position to guide the entire journey, from the moment a rough diamond is unearthed, to the moment a future heirloom is acquired.

We discover and unveil the dazzling potential within nature’s rare treasures, crafting exceptional jewellery to mark life’s most intimate and special occasions. It’s a journey driven by high standards and unrivalled expertise, as we draw on our rich heritage to craft pieces of art that will be cherished for generations.

Yellow Diamond

Natural Works of Art

The Natural Works of Art collection is underpinned by De Beers’ Building Forever initiative. Peace of mind comes from knowing the company leads the industry in establishing exacting standards of provenance and traceability and is committed to ensuring all the diamonds it discovers create a lasting positive impact for people and the places in which they are found.


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