London by De Beers takes inspiration from our founding city. Following the course of the Thames through the heart of London, this exquisite collection represents the iconic silhouettes of the river’s neighbouring landscape, capturing their unique forms and spirit through enchanting diamond designs.

The collection mirrors the story of our De Beers London muse – an elegant, independent and talented female icon – as she follows the path of the Thames and journeys through her hometown.

Follow her across Albert Bridge. Its threads of suspension frame her in perfect symmetry. Like the structure she traverses, her elegance abounds in polished precision.

Cast your eye with her across the river to see Battersea Power Station. Its power may have expired but its imposing structure continues to emit an unending strength. She too has an inner strength. A courage that drives her passions that sees her succeed.

Listen with her as the bells chime in the Elizabeth Tower. A reliable toll that announces to the city that the present is fleeting, seconds quickly move on. Her future is hers to take where she chooses. The world is hers.

Watch the slow ticking of the London Eye’s rotation with her. The instantly recognisable wheel lifting its visitors to a view above it all; a new perspective and an enhanced knowledge of the landscape below.

Her journey echoes the winding path of the Thames.

The Designs

London by De Beers is a journey through the city; a daydream stroll along the banks of the Thames.

Inspired by the winding course of the river and the silhouettes of the surrounding city it traverses, the collection embarks on an imaginative voyage through London, capturing the icons of the neighbours it passes in exceptional diamond form.

London by De Beers is an invitation to step in the shoes of our London muse and, with a daydream sensibility, experience the iconic panorama of the city through a series of monumental designs.

The City

In 2001, the first De Beers store opened its doors at 50 Old Bond Street; a solace of wondrous designs in the heart of the bustling city. Since this time we have continued to expand our presence into18 countries worldwide, but it is with a sentimentality and warmth that we view our founding city, London.

As the skylines and styles of the city continually evolve into an architectural medley, London’s historic facades sit contrasted against the modern masterpieces that flourish around them.

Likewise De Beers also enjoys the juxtaposition of a past rich in history and diamond knowledge, and a present creating innovative and imaginative pieces for the modern woman.

De Beers is a London brand with a London woman as our muse. She has many faces – she can be polished yet rebellious, self-assured yet modest. However, universally underlying all of her diversities are her inner strength, her independence and her grace.

We are proud to call London our home and to introduce our first collection created as a tribute to our brand’s founding city.

London by Mary McCartney

Exclusively for the London by De Beers collection, Mary McCartney has created a new photography series, bringing together the two inspirations behind the wondrous high jewellery collection: the five iconic architectural and natural landmarks of the city and the free-spirited and independent female muse.

Using a double exposure technique, McCartney captures Albert Bridge, Battersea Power Station, the Elizabeth Tower, the London Eye and Kew Gardens in vintage tones and overlays each with a new perspective of the ‘London woman’. Light, scale and colours are adapted, resulting in a series of captivating images that perfectly represent the essence of the London by De Beers collection.