The Making of Chapman's Zebra

The pearlescent zebra is not only a social animal but one of the world’s most striking, with its graphic black and white stripes. Roaming the plains and mountains, each animal possess its own pattern, as unique as a human fingerprint.


Grey mother-of-pearl was chosen to accent polished white diamonds to recreate the black and white stripes of the zebra.


Approximately 600 diamonds were used to create the Zebra necklace. Alternating lines of princess-cut and round brilliant diamonds feature throughout the set to express the graphical nature of the zebra’s stripes.


Flexibility was a main feature of the set in order to convey the fluid movement of the zebra’s mane. Each diamond was specially set to minimize the appearance of metal in each piece to maximise the brilliance of the diamonds.


Quality control is the final step of the creation process. Each jewellery piece undergoes thorough inspection by De Beers experts to ensure perfection and impeccable craftsmanship.