The Making of Electric Cichlid

Representing the fundamental freedom of fish that are considered symbolic of happiness, abundance and good luck.


The Electric Cichlid set flashes with a mixture of polished white and fancy yellow diamonds, juxtaposed with yellow and white rough diamonds. The combination of these colours creates a joyful sparkle.


The set is comprised of round brilliant, oval-shape diamonds and the natural organic shape of rough diamonds. The seed-shaped rough diamonds that feature on the end of the tassel of the necklace are particularly unique.


Each rough diamond has a bespoke setting that requires six hours to set by hand. Each rough diamond is so unique that it has to be scanned into a computer and mapped out before the diamond basket can be created. Round brilliant diamonds were set in specially created scale shaped settings to convey fish scales.


Quality control is the final step of the creation process. Each jewellery piece undergoes thorough inspection by De Beers experts to ensure perfection and impeccable craftsmanship.