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Find your perfect diamond at De Beers. Shop now with complimentary delivery, returns and exchanges.

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Why De Beers?

Founded in London, De Beers Jewellers is the destination of choice for diamond jewellery. Sharing our expertise as the Home of Diamonds since 1888, we help you on your journey of diamond discovery, providing transparency and guidance along the way to find the diamond that is unique to you.

Why make De Beers the first place you come to be inspired and discover natural diamonds?

Discover the widest range of diamonds and learn about diamonds in an informal, inspiring way. We love sharing our passion for diamonds, whether it’s your first purchase or you are a collector, come in for a chat with one of our friendly team who will be delighted to guide you on your journey - whether you want to learn about diamonds, plan the perfect proposal or just browse our newest collections.

Choose from the world’s most beautiful natural diamonds, hand selected by our experts. Our diamonds are individually assessed by eye and hand-selected for beauty by our experts. We can demonstrate this unique beauty to you through our instore proprietary technology, the De Beers Iris. Whilst we are more than happy to talk you through the 4Cs, our selection goes well beyond them. We look for the perfect alignment of facets and angles, which maximises how a diamond reflects, refracts and disperses light. This not only represents the quality of a diamond but results in its ultimate sparkle, so you can be confident of your choice whether you are buying online or in-store.

HIgh Jewellery Necklaces at De Beers
Fancy Shape Diamonds at De Beers

Personalise your jewellery. At De Beers we have a full range of personalisation options from gold colour and engraving, to creating your perfect ring through our ‘For You, Forever’ service, or we can create a completely unique design through a bespoke piece.

Know that your diamond has been ethically sourced and responsibly crafted. Our stringent sourcing and selection processes mean that the diamonds in every piece of De Beers jewellery are guaranteed to be ethically produced and 100 per cent conflict-free.

You can be proud that your diamond has positively impacted people and places along its journey. As we source most of the diamonds for our jewellery from our own mines, not only do we have this direct traceability but we can demonstrate the positive impact your diamond has had along its incredible journey – from helping more than 700 women small-scale micro-entrepreneurs across Namibia, Botswana and South Arica, to improving access to quality education in our communities and protecting the natural world through our conservation programmes (for every hectare of land impacted by diamond recovery, six hectares are set aside for conservation).

Fancy Colour Diamond at De Beers
Legendary diamonds at De Beers

Peace of mind through your secure inscription and certification. Peace of mind through your secure inscription and certification. Our microscopic inscription, the De Beers Marque, along with our Certificate of Authenticity gives you complete peace of mind that your purchase is natural, untreated and that your diamonds are responsibly sourced and conflict-free. The inscription also means your diamond can be traced back to you should it ever be lost and found.

Aftercare for life. Purchasing a piece of De Beers jewellery is just the start of our journey together. We offer complimentary cleaning to ensure your diamonds are always sparklingly beautiful.

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