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Knysna Chameleon necklace

In this exceptional necklace, two rows of detachable fancy colour rough and polished diamonds, ripple next to sleekly articulated, white recut baguette diamonds, representing the textural duality of the chameleon’s scales, from those on its smooth underside, to the most vibrant, visible scales on its head and back. This suspends a pear-shape and radiant-cut diamond and finishes with a white pear-shape diamond, weighing approximately five carats. These three diamonds also detach from the necklace, creating four ways to wear the piece.

About the Collection

Inspired by the polychromatic ability of the Knysna Chameleon, changing colour to reflect its mood, a symbol of intuition and curiosity demonstarting its powers of attraction. The adaptability of chameleons is represented through the detachable features present in this set. Featuring an array of tonal diamonds that capture not only the intense colours of the kaleidoscopic chameleon but also the textural duality of its scales, from those on its smooth underside to the most vibrant, visible scales on its head and back.

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The Knysna Chameleon is a symbol of intuition, curiosity, calmness and clairvoyance. Contrary to popular belief, it does not primarily change colour to blend in but rather to adapt to light and temperature or to reflect its mood, demonstrating its prowess and powers of attraction.

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