Talisman 10 Large Medal

Our new Talisman Jewellery creations revisit our original and most iconic Talisman design, the medal. Celebrating the timeless mystique of our talisman collection, this wonderful medal showcases the stunning craftsmanship of both nature and man. Rough and polished diamonds in shades of green and yellow are set into the hand hammered unplated white gold, this texture creates a wondrous shimmer that mingles with the coloured light that radiates from the rough diamonds. In order for the diamonds to sparkle with this brilliance, the metal at the back of each diamonds is carefully removed according to the 'mise à jour' jewellery making technique. This delicate and beautiful technique involves removing the metal behind the diamond, allowing light to flow freely through it for shimmering excellence. Total approximate carat weight 14.1cts. Owing to the meticulous care and attention we pay to hand selecting every one of our rough and polished diamonds, each medal is truly unique. Therefore images may not always be exact representations.

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